Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Keys House Makeover

Hello Everyone.  First, I feel like I must apologize for falling off the face of the earth - or well maybe falling off the face of the blogging world.  For those of you are are also my Facebook friends - you probably know that I did not disappear as much as I've not been in one spot for very long - these last 6 months.  My job has kept me so busy that I really have not had the time to devote to anything extra except my family.  

I feel though - that I must explain that I have five or six email accounts - all set up for different reasons and I feel bad that I've not checked my Love of the Sea email account in months until this past couple of days.  Funny - how being grounded with a Hurricane allows me to go back to the things that I've neglected. So, I owe many of my blogging friends an email and I hope to be catching up on that soon.

In the meantime, I've developed a serious addiction to Pinterest...and have been spending time searching for fabrics, paints and styles as we are redecorating our house in The Keys (especially since Isaac didn't do any harm).  I went there last week for the first time this year...yes - that's how busy I have been...and I'm finally getting around to getting that project done.

So with that - I thought I'd share some of my very favorite pins for My Keys House Makeover.  I finally met with my decorator aka advisor/therapist yesterday and we narrowed down most of the details to get this project started. She's been  ready to hit me over the head very patient with me this last year and has you can see - has provided lots of ideas, colors and samples.  So I will be sharing some of the before and after on what she is doing to help update my little Keys getaway that I've forgotten to getaway to.

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

Here are some of the choices that I narrowed down so far...

These are the fabrics I narrowed down for the guest bedroom shams and bed skirt.

Leaning towards this one  The coral for the bedskirt and the shells for the shams.
I'm thinking to add on green and pink contrasting pillows. 

Some of the choices for the living room. 

More choices. 

As you can see - I love Coral Reef.

Leaning toward this for the master bedroom. My husband loves this one. 

I love this...but can't figure out what to do with it. 

TIme to make decisions.  And these are the ones that I narrowed it down too.  
Next week - I'll be posting final decisions on the living room, dining room and sun room.  Then the fun can begin.  Hope you are all having a great last week of the summer.  Hard to believe that Fall is almost here.