Friday, December 31, 2010

A look back on 2010.....

In celebration of the New Year - I've enjoyed taking a look back on my most popular posts in 2010.  
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And my personal favorites.....

Thank you to all my friends that have made this 
last 6 months of blogging such a pleasure. 
Happy New Year to you!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Road to Pigeon Key....2.2 Miles to Paradise

For those not familiar with the Florida Keys - they are an archipelago (a group of many islands in a large body of water) of 1700 islands...that begin at the southeastern tip of Florida...about 25 miles from Miami. The islands lie along the Florida Straits and divide the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico.

For many years, The Keys were only accessible by water....but that changed with the creation of Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway in 1910.  On Labor Day in 1935, a massive Category 5 Hurricane, one of only three that have have been recorded to hit land since 1850 (the other two were Camille in 1969 and Andrew in 1992), hit the Middle Keys around Islamorada.  This destroyed the railroad and the tracks were never rebuilt.  From then on - the Overseas Highway & the 7 mile bridge replaced the railroad as the main access to Key West.

The current seven mile bridge connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys...and it bypasses the original bridge and a little island called Pigeon Key..which housed workers that built the railroad in the early 1900's.  When the new bridge was built, the state kept 2.2 miles of the original 7 mile that the island of  Pigeon Key remained connected to Marathon.  

Those 2.2 miles remain some of the most scenic in The Keys....bridging together the Atlantic and the Gulf. 

View to the right walking down the bridge.  
The old bridge.  It is so narrow - hard to imagine that this was the main access
for two way traffic to Key West until 1982.  It's replacement is to the left. 
Pigeon Key
The dock on Pigeon Key
The view to the left.  The new bridge built in the 1980's. 
No one's driving on this bridge again!
Most of The Keys do not have beaches.  This is a typical shoreline.  
One of the original cottages on Pigeon Key.  It is now a museum. 

Some of the scenes on Pigeon Key....

An old wagon filled with shells, bottles and other interesting items. 

The original dinner bell, perhaps?

This is the wall leading to the restrooms in the visitor center on Pigeon Key.
A nice assortment of coral.
What a gorgeous shell.  

The Visitors Center.

Lovin' life in The Keys.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Redecorating in the New Year....

This upcoming year, I'm looking to do a little bit of minor and inexpensive redecorating in The Keys home.  After spending some time here - I'm thinking I need to re-work the main rooms a little bit to make them a bit more comfortable for relaxing, reading and watching television.  Right now, the rooms are nice to look at - but they are not that functional. And they are a bit bare.  

This furniture is not that comfortable.  That's what happens when you order
furniture from the PB catalog...sight unseen.  I'm thinking I can
have more comfortable cushions made.  

It's hard to make the house look comfortable and lived in - when I'm only here 4 or 5 times a year...a couple days at a time.  So with that - I'll be researching different looks that appeal to me.  I'm going to take my time putting together something that will be timeless and hopefully last for several years.  

Since I've had great luck with the slipcover look and I think I'm leaning in that direction.  With two dogs and four cats - slipcovers seem to be the best bet.  So here are some of my favorite looks that I have collected so far - all from Coastal Living Magazine.  

I love mixing the turquoise in. 
Green and pink always work well together.
Such a pretty light blue table.  Looks great mixed in with the pink.
I really like the yellow, green and blue.  
These purple adirondack chairs are fun.

This is close to my current colors.  I always go back to pinks and whites.
Love the clam shell used as a fruit bowl.  That gives me a great idea!!
Awesome driftwood table. 
This look is probably the most practical and timeless.  And I can mix in some of
my favorite french and shabby pieces.

This photo just makes me happy.

So here's to redecorating in the New Year!