Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Redecorating in the New Year....

This upcoming year, I'm looking to do a little bit of minor and inexpensive redecorating in The Keys home.  After spending some time here - I'm thinking I need to re-work the main rooms a little bit to make them a bit more comfortable for relaxing, reading and watching television.  Right now, the rooms are nice to look at - but they are not that functional. And they are a bit bare.  

This furniture is not that comfortable.  That's what happens when you order
furniture from the PB catalog...sight unseen.  I'm thinking I can
have more comfortable cushions made.  

It's hard to make the house look comfortable and lived in - when I'm only here 4 or 5 times a year...a couple days at a time.  So with that - I'll be researching different looks that appeal to me.  I'm going to take my time putting together something that will be timeless and hopefully last for several years.  

Since I've had great luck with the slipcover look and I think I'm leaning in that direction.  With two dogs and four cats - slipcovers seem to be the best bet.  So here are some of my favorite looks that I have collected so far - all from Coastal Living Magazine.  

I love mixing the turquoise in. 
Green and pink always work well together.
Such a pretty light blue table.  Looks great mixed in with the pink.
I really like the yellow, green and blue.  
These purple adirondack chairs are fun.

This is close to my current colors.  I always go back to pinks and whites.
Love the clam shell used as a fruit bowl.  That gives me a great idea!!
Awesome driftwood table. 
This look is probably the most practical and timeless.  And I can mix in some of
my favorite french and shabby pieces.

This photo just makes me happy.

So here's to redecorating in the New Year! 


beth said...

I love the inspiration photos! Can't wait to see how your rooms turn out. They are lovely already. :)
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and have a great week!!

NanaDiana said...

Oh...you will have so much fun redecorating. Do you hope to eventually retire to the Keys permanently or just continue to use it as a get-away? I love all the pictures. I love the first inspiration picture and the last one the best...and your little fish bowl(?) at the very end is just darling and says YOU! Happy Holidays...I suppose you are getting ready to get back to the "real world". Hugs- Diana

Donna said...

I just love your rattan furniture! Too bad it's not all that comfortable! I love your inspiration photos, it's cold and gloomy here today, so it's always fun to see some bright and cheery colors. I especially love the first and third inspiration photos, the blues and turquoises are just so soothing! You are so lucky to have a place in the Keys! Have a great time on your vacation:)

Sailing Simply said...

Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments on my post. I have to say I am so envious of you being able to decorate this home. I was going to say you needed color on your walls then after seeing your inspiration photos I liked the idea of just adding your color in accessories. I love the second and fourth photos the most, with that wonderful green! Have fun!

Kaybe said...

I think a shell chandelier would fit in your space ;)

Hope your having a great time in the Keys,


Anonymous said...

How awesome to have a home in the Keys!! You will have so much fun fluffing it up. I love all the inspirational photos you showed. And to answer your question, my built-in is definitely turquoise. It's a color by Ace Hardware called "Rossland".


Heaven's Walk - said...

You are going to have a ball redecorating your awesome Key getaway, Debbie! I can see so much potential in those great rooms! Slipcovers, boho-inspired pillows, distressed tables and free standing cabinets, large vintage sign on the wall by the kitchen table.....oh yeah.....!!! Can hardly wait to see what you come up with! :)

xoxo laurie

Cat & Cricket said...

Ok.. call me crazy.. but my parents have that driftwood table! AHHH.. we hated it and the side one growing up (ok..showing my age here..over 35 years ago!) Now.. we all are begging for them! Oh..and if you need a partner in crime to help redecorate.. I am free of charge! LOL!
Have a blast!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Love your inspiration photos! I have slipcovers on our furniture in our beach home. I went with the white duck (or white denim) and it washes beautifully! We have a dog and it's so easy to clean little paw prints when he jumps faster than I can catch him! Last year, my mom cut herself and bled on it and all the blood came out - so I highly recommend the white duck! Whatever you choose will be beautiful, can't wait to see the photos!

Completely Coastal said...

I agree..., the last look seems easy going, really relaxed and beautiful too. I do love the look of your furniture -but if they're not comfy..., well that's a problem. We ordered our sofa set over the internet. Great deal, great look, very comfy, only to find out that leather is always cold -which I do not like! You can solve this with throws of course..., but my future sofa will be fabric for sure, most likely with slip covers too!

Thanks so much for participating in the Coastal Blog Posts Linkup and placing the button!!!!!!

Happy New Years!

Mary said...

Coming from the frozen North (well actually we are really South but you'd never know it this week!), your delicious photos would inspire anyone with a beach house!! Have fun re-decorating, your ideas are fabulous.

Happy New Year Debbie.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I'd love to have a porch like the one with the purple adirondack chairs. I look forward to seeing what you do with the place. You can always sell the PB furniture and hit craigslist for nice, white, slip-covered couches. Just sayin'

theLENNOXX said...

Beautiful inspiration! I like the current state of your decor, especially the pink living room, it's not a girly pink but more like a shell pink? (at least from these photos =) Coastal and cute, but I love all the inspiration you share in this post, lots of bright happy colors. LOVE the purple beach chairs!!

xo Linda

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Debbie,
I love your rattan furniture...I had almost the identical set in our penthouse in the French Quarter...I loved it! But, the slipcover idea is great too!

And I love the tags you made..absolutely so beachy and adorable...I love the designs and colors--fabulous!!! I hope you're having fun while you relax in the Keys...I love it there.

Oh, it was our 5 year anniversary...We got married right after Katrina and moved here to Louisiana. (I'm from California.) Have to stay near the water, that's for sure! lol

Anonymous said...

We are having "warm" spell here in Oh and looking at your pix ... just made me feel good all over! Love the sea!! so relaxing, tranquil and just plain beautiful!! Loved all your pix and thought, "gee, that would be nice here to look at and be surrounded with". so why not?? perhaps!
thank you!
Pink Hugs,

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea said...

I love them all - wonderful collection of pics...the last one with the glass bowl full of starfish is my fav - - Makes me smile too!

Happy New Year to you!

beachhouse etc. said...

i have a suggestion ..on the sofas...i always PIMP my sofa with down pllows that i get from like Home goods or somewhere similar but ,,,the cushions on the chairs look really stiff i would take the cover off and see how it is wrapped maybe you could get a softer wrapping around them and add cushy pillows..maybe bet rid of the back pillow that's hard and hard to sit back on and put a big 26 x 26 euro pillow in the back...with the same fabric..oh well i w ish i was there then i could really take charge..lol suzanne

Dar @ live by the sun, luv by the moon said...

Great inspiration! Never been to the Keys but it's on my "bucket list" so it's a must see!

I'm your newest follower : )