Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It's so funny because I couldn't remember how to even do a post.  Here I am trying to figure it out. I think...or I hope I have it right.  At the risk of sounding extremely corny and a little off my rocker...I thought I would post this quote.  I'm not sure that I will be reviving this blog or starting another - but one thing I can say is I AM BACK.  And Friends - I have missed you!!

I just made a life changing decision that has been the hardest and easiest that I have ever made.  I may even have to start a new blog on it....as it is been the most transforming decision of my life.  I QUIT MY JOB!!!  I never thought this day would come.  But it did.  

Here's the crazy part - Much of the last ten years, I did not have to work...yet I did.  And I worked and I worked and I worked.  Why...I am not sure.  Sometimes I think it was about control and acquisition.  I got caught up in the acquiring of things.  I lost my perspective on what reality was.  How many handbag's could I buy?  And how many pairs of boots, pumps, sandals and whatever - could I fit in my closet?  

And I rose up and up and up the corporate ladder to one day....very recently I said - what happened to my life?  I used to think I'm happy - well, I have lot's of stuff...but am I really happy?  I thought I was but now I realize I really wasn't.  I never knew how unhappy I was until 3 weeks ago when I walked away from it all....

I finally decided the fear of walking away and starting over was far less than the regret I would have if I just continued going down the path I was heading.  I've missed my blogging friends...and hope to reconnect with many of you soon.  Nice to see that many of you are still alive and kicking!!!