Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guest Bedroom re-do.....

Last year, my house underwent a significant renovation.  It was so significant - we moved out for 7 months.  As you can see, it really wasn't livable - as most of the house looked like this....and since there was no electricity - and the majority of the foundation was ripped out...we really didn't have much choice.

We live in house that was built in 1953 which is considered OLD in this part of Florida.  We purchased it in 2002 after the previous owners completely renovated it and since he was a general contractor, he added on some really nice details during the renovation.  One of the details I loved so much was the living room wall was completely covered in big slabs of keystone.  It really was such a beautiful wall...or so I thought.

A couple of years back, I noticed the seams between the slats of wood on the floors appeared to be growing.  When I mentioned this to my husband he said, of course they are going to settle over time, these are the original wood floors, they're 55 years old.  I thought...Hmmm.

Well, over time, it seemed to be getting worse and worse until one day the floor appeared to be sloping.  Next thing you know - I felt like I was walking downhill in my living room.  We had someone come in and take a look - and yes, the beautiful keystone wall was the was way too heavy for the wall - and slowly over time, had caused foundation problems.  We contemplated on whether we ripped the house down and start over - or to fix the foundation.  For many reasons, most importantly that it would take at least two years, we decided to fix the house.

This is the culprit wall - right before we moved out.

                           This is the same wall - a few weeks later.

                                           Here is the same wall today.
So we hired a General Contractor and asked him to check underneath the entire house - and see if there were any other trouble spots in the foundation - so that they could be fixed at the same time.  There were... and they were fixed.  Or so we thought.  After we had been back in the house about 3 months - I started noticing that wood seam problem in the back guest room and hallway.  My husband gets out a level and tells me that I am imagining things.  Well fast forward to about three weeks ago when I walked into my guest room and saw that there was a 1 inch gap between the baseboard and the floor and big gaps between the wood slats.  The house was sinking again...only in a new spot.

After a small argument with my husband about him not listening to me 6 months ago....he agreed that we indeed had a problem but felt sure that we did not have to go through all the trouble we went through last time - that it was an easy fix.  So he hired someone to go under the house by cutting a hole in the guest room floor....I took a photo of the big hole - from my phone so it's a bit blurry....

So here is the room now....and it is level again.

So as of today - it is "fixed" - although I still feel a slight slope in the hallway.  I have a funny feeling this is not over yet...but I'm hoping that I'm wrong.  So my new decorating challenge is to re-do my guest room.  The walls are painted a really pretty very soft pink with a slightly darker variation on the bottom.

I'm currently searching for inspiration and have decided to challenge myself to re-do the rooms with all vintage, repurposed and recycled (except the mattress of course) pieces.  So I am going to use my favorite blogs for ideas....Wish me luck!!

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Donna said...

Oh my gosh! I can't imagine going thru such upheaval, more than once even! Your living room is just beautiful! I love the garden painting, it really looks perfect there. I also really love your plaid chair. And your guest room will be lovely when you are finished! I love your idea of using vintage and repurposed finds. I think that's so much more fun that just going out and buying a bunch of new stuff!

NanaDiana said...

Oh I so get it! We have done this and I know the disruption it causes in your life. You did a great job...but I know the sacrifice. I hope you love it now as much as you did when you bought it! Hugs- I am off to bed soon- Diana

Donnie said...

Boy that was a lot of work. It is nice starting with a clean slate as far as decorating goes and the blogs I visit have so many cool ideas.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Well, you have your work cut out for you...but it will be fun work. Searching for vintage and repurposed things takes a little time but is so much fun. Enjoy!

Beach House Living said...

What a story! That stone wall sure was pretty. It's the reason we aren't getting cement counters and floor in the kitchen. I don't think this old house could take the weight.

I'm sure your guest room is going to look great whatever you decide.

Kaybe said...

Wow Debbie. That is a project. I work with folks remodeling all day long so I know what a headache it can be. The living room is just gorgeous. There are 2 thrift stores we'll have to hit on Sanibel :)

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Oh goodness, Debbie - what an ordeal. I hope everything is fixed now and your "after" photographs are superb. Your home is stunningly beautiful.


Drawn to The Sea said...

Oh dear. You are not wrong... you're super sensitive to small changes, like me. It's a curse that gets the eye roll.