Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Fantasy Cottage on Lake Michigan

This is my second post on the July/August issue of Traditional Home.  I am just loving this magazine.

This cottage, on the shores of Lake Michigan is a quintessential lakeside cottage .... taken up a few notches.  It has all the ingredients of a classic cottage - cedar shingles, beadboard, vintage wicker....and easy, comfortable furniture.  Having never been to Lake Michigan, the photo spread looked amazing. Definitely someplace I would love to visit some day.

While it has obviously been professional designed and decorated, there are little touches that can be easily duplicated to add that coastal cottage charm to your home.

What a fantastic view.  I love the wicker chairs
paired up with the iron table. And the wood planks on the ceiling.  

My absolute favorite thing in this cottage is the fabric
on chair on the right.  I love how it is pulled into the rest
of the room on the pillows.  Love the stone on the fireplace.  

Really like the blue and yellow.... so calming and soothing
when mixed together.  The beadboard on the walls is spectacular. 
And there's that incredible fabric again...on the dining chairs.

 Check out the detail in the ceiling.  And this floor is spectacular. 
I really like the mixture of countertops between the island
 and the cabinet counter tops.

 Amazing quality & detail of the woodwork.


Donna said...

Wow! That is quite some "cottage"! It is gorgeous! My favorite part is the porch, of course. Do make it to Lake Michigan if you ever get a chance! It is just so beautiful there. Here in Michigan we are really proud of our Great Lakes. They are really special to us!

Love of the Sea said...

I would love to visit the Great Lakes some day for sure.

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Fantasy is right! Is this place DREAMY or what!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Debbie said...

Lake Michigan is my favorite of the Great Lakes here in Michigan. The sunsets are fabulous!!
Thank you for visiting today. Laurie, from Heaven's Walk and I(and our hubbies) are going to Sanibel for Spring Break next year!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Debbie, just saw your post about the glass floats..., thanks so much for the link!! I'm going to post your bowl on Completely Coastal! I'll let you know when.

Florence Carole said...

What a lovely cottage. There's a feeling of coziness in the dining room. You are right, the color and design on those fabrics are incredible. I would love to know the name of the fabric used on those chairs.

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Francis Tony said...

I totally agree with you. The kitchen looks gorgeous. They really gave special attention to every detail of the kitchen, especially the ceiling. I'm wondering what material they used on the ceiling. Is it wood?

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