Friday, August 6, 2010

Rand & McNally would have been so proud…. it really is a “Globe” all world.

Mr. Rand & Mr. McNally, famous map & globe makers – yes, they were two guys that went into business together in 1856 – would be so happy right about now – with all this renewed interest in globes.  Globes after all, are just a fancy way to display a really big map. 

All of a sudden, everywhere I look – I see globes displayed as home accessories.  Little ones, big ones, pink ones, blue ones.  You name it, I’ve seen it. Especially in the last two weeks.  Here's an interesting article on "travel" themed decor and why globes such attractive decorative accessories.   

Now of course, I want one in my house too.  Only problem is – I don’t really have a place where it would look right.  I don’t want to get a globe and then it look funny in my house –because even if I love something – I believe it’s really important that everything have a sense of place.  And I just don’t think a globe would have a sense of place in my house. 

Maybe I could find a place in my office.  I am going to wait and see as I am re-doing the book shelves….maybe I could find a little space to put a globe or two or maybe even three?  Because of course, true to my style – I now love all kinds of globes.  So for now, I think I am going to just admire them from afar…and try to figure out if I can eventually find a place for one in my home.  But until then, I thought I would share some of my favorites. 

This is a great in front of the window display from LeAnn at Vintage Sassy

I love this one with the pink in it from Etsy Shop  - ChaseVintage

Here's another interesting one from Etsy Shop LivingstonandPortner with 3-D for the mountain ranges.  
Reminded me of one in my elementary school days!

One of many great globe decor photos on Apartment Therapy.

From Martha Moments Blog.  Love the little mini globe.

There are even globes with Lapis Jewel Gemstones sold at ...
believe it or not - a website called Globes Galore
And last but certainly not least......

What would a Trend be without Walmart?  These two are part of a nice selection of globes at Walmart...Although I rather have a vintage one...or two.  Okay - maybe three.


Donna said...

We had a neat old globe when I was little. Wish we had kept it!

simpledaisy said... globes!!!
Makes me dream of all the places i'd love to go:) :)