Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Vision Board – That was then, And this is now

The first time I heard of a vision board – it was in 2007.  And it was not under ideal circumstances.  Or so I thought at the time.  In my job, I deal with numbers, analysis, stats and the like.  Back then, I was working with a team and part of my job was to help them improve their numbers.  During one of my many “number crunching” visits, they explained to me that they finally had a solution they were sure of ….they were going to make their goals by creating a vision board which would allow them to envision that they had already achieved them.  And the best part was - they were serious.  I was like...what???

I’m thinking this sounds so flakey….how can I possibly waste any time on this silly subject?  Well…that was then – and this is now.  And my, have I changed.  Did the vision board get them to their numbers?  Not really.   But did it make an impact in my life?   Yes...a huge one.  I have a vision board today.  I live by it.  It is where I get my inspiration.  

In my life, a vision board is the road map to the future. It represents anything you want it to be.  For me – it is where I pull together the look and feel that I want to infuse into my home life.  The colors, the textures, the shapes…all of the ocean.   When I see something I love – I put it on my vision board or boards…since sometimes I have more than one.  I pull out pages from magazines, pieces of fabric, blocks of colors on paper….anything that represents a feeling or state of mind. 

So my message today is that just because you don’t live anywhere near water - you can still create a coastal feel into your home or in your mind.  Just start a vision board and let your imagination do the rest.  Here are some of my favorite samples of  possible vision boards.

And let's not forget to get some coastal chic clothespins
to use on your shutter a.k.a. vision board.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Yes, INDEED, I love your vision board ideas! A great way to collect for life (and for collage)! Wonderful! (I'm now following your blog.) Have a beautiful day!

simpledaisy said...

Love them all!!! Just perfect:)

sealaura said...

I love visions boards and they just make me happy to sea all of the things that I am striving for. Great post.

Kimber @ Shabby McFabby said...

...luv your idea for this vision board! Thanx for including my Seashell Clothespin/Magnet Clips into the mix! What another great way to use them!
...so very clever!!!

Bravo!!! Tres~Jolie...your Love of the Sea blog, is just delightful!!!