Monday, March 22, 2010

Shadow Box Displays

I love Shadow box displays.  Especially ones that show my shell collection.  As far as I am concerned - they are works of art.  Here is one on my living room wall - which is a vintage printers tray that I purchased from a seller on Ebay.  I change out the shells every so often to give it a different look.

What I love about this printers tray is that it can be used horizontal or vertical.  It depends on the wall and on the shells that you want to display. I change it out every so often.

One accent I really love is shadow box tables.  I have a very interesting table that I bought from a seller on Etsy - that is two vintage windows from the 1950's, that he secured together with some distressed wood and created a table.  It is so interesting and one of a kind.  I get many compliments on it. It's great to display shells or any other collectibles.  

This is looking straight down into the table where through the two windows.

A side view.  This is such a unique piece.  The pictures do not do it justice.